Dynamic Filtering


Searching through an extensive list of items within a page can be a tiresome task. Likewise, searching on a long dataset, especially if the user does not remember exactly the search term, can also be very time consuming.


Provide a search form that dynamically filters the results as the user is typing.

The idea for the DYNAMIC FILTERING can be found in patterns such as, Dynamic Search1 or Search Within2, and you can implement it on forms in order to present faster results, by minimizing the users? need to type and scroll. Unlike an explicit search that forces users to type the complete search term and press a button confirm it, with a DYNAMIC FILTERING they can get the intended result by typing only a few letters. Because users do not need to type everything, this pattern can also be helpful for cases when they do not remember accurately the desired query.

When the user types a letter the DYNAMIC FILTERING removes entries that do not contain that letter. As the user keeps typing, the system keeps eliminating entries that do not fit the pattern entered.


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